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水手日记 | 遭遇超强飓风洛伦佐









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水手日记 | 遭遇超强飓风洛伦佐w1.jpg

水手日记 | 遭遇超强飓风洛伦佐w2.jpg

Race 2 day 9 (2019.9.23-24)

Didn’t sleep a wink again for the third day running. Even in the dark bottom coffin bunk, I borrowed... it's way too bloody hot: hot. Hot. HOT! So fu**ing hot!!!


水手日记 | 遭遇超强飓风洛伦佐w3.jpg

The team on deck have had a mad watch just after we passed Cape Verde off the coast of Eastern Africa. We hit a squall and 35-knot winds then a bloody storm. Had to reef in the mainsail twice and change headsails three times in fast succession. The boom was crashing through the water for ages, boat at a massive heel, people shouting, the whole boat shaking like mad. How the hell are you supposed to sleep in this sh*t! It rained for the first time during race 2 today, but not a little, it poured torrentially! The skipper was having a blast. A booming voice, outstanding steering, eyes on everything and everyone, so god damn sharp, but with a great sense of humour too... “where’s my shampoo?!” he shouts across the shaking deck while being lashed with rain and Rick is moments from falling off the vang into the sea. Seriously talented guy our skipper, great to see him burst into life when the going gets rough and we get churned up by a storm.


Jesus’s Hot! Seriously god damn hot! Swelteringly, disgustingly hot!

Christ. It’s horrible. Pillow is drenched from sweat. The body is sticky as hell. Never ever felt so damn uncomfortable. Been sloshed around the boat like clothes in a washing machine these past few hours. This is god damn miserable. What the f**k is sleep!!


水手日记 | 遭遇超强飓风洛伦佐w4.jpg

Qingdao is very close to us. 6 miles and apparently now in the first place according to the system as they’re further west. The race is getting close now. Very bloody close!


Put on my swim shorts and took my shampoo before going up on deck to start the night shift: may as well take a rain shower while we’re up there if we can!

Shit got hairy! Not a moment to do anything but steer like your life depended ok it! Massive boat angle constantly lashed with rain and utterly battered by waves. This is not fun!!


Took the helm for the first time in 2 days from Rick and instantly crash tacked. The brain is beyond exhausted. Then crash gybed. Fuxked it.

Skipper replaced me. All I could do was helm check Luke as we crashed through the waves hammering along on a broad reach. Bang crash wallop repeat. Bang crash wallop repeat. Feel like my bones and brain are being beaten by a gang of thugs with baseball bats.


水手日记 | 遭遇超强飓风洛伦佐w5.jpg

Relentless. Horrible. Soaked. Utterly bloody soaked. Shorts boots and blue jacket with the full hood up all useless against the power of the waves. Lashed lashed lashed with rain and waves. Massive wind.... welcome to a tropical storm, Lorenzo!! A bloody named storm! Jorge says it’s due to hit 100 knots!!!!

I was sick tonight even before heading down for hellish 4-hour support watch below deck in the dark. Then sick many times while making teas for the crew on deck. Sick over and over again, but can’t stop. Can’t rest. Can’t bloody escape. It never ends. Don’t eat, don’t sleep, be sick, repeat.

Boat slamming all over the place. Nightmare. Feel so empty, no energy, mentally drained.


Still leading the race, somehow we’ve pulled out a lead on Qingdao from 6miles to 40 miles through this sh*t even with my two massive mistakes. God only knows how bad team Qingdao got hit.

Completely soaking wet. Asked the boys to help make the bread, I passed out on the floor in the kitchen shivering and wet, being battered and slung about into the hard wall and hard floor. God damn horrible. Not happy. Not comfortable. Need sleep. Need food. Need water, can’t get any of them.

Couldn’t sleep a wink during the 4 hours ‘off’ watch. The boat is slamming so fu**ing hard in the water, the noise inside this hell hole boat every time some idiot at the helm crashed into a wave is like being struck by bloody thunder. Bang, boom, slam, slide.



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