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First a little history. In my opinion cruising as we understand it today -that is long distance sailing in small boats for pleasure rather than forprofit - began in the late 1890’s. It all started when retired sea captainJoshua Slocum found that he could not make a living out of the rebuilt formeroyster dragger, the 36 ft 9 in (11.20 m) Spray. The record of Slocum’srebuilding the Spray and his subsequent adventures has inspired tens ofthousands of people to cruise in their own boats ever since he wrote his book SailingAlone Around the World.

先来点历史课。在我认为我们现在理解的巡航是——用小船不以赚钱为目的而只是为了乐趣进行的长距离航海——始于1890年代后期。最初是当退休船长(约书亚.斯罗卡姆Joshua Slocum)发现他不能再继续用一艘36英尺9英尺(11.2m)牡蛎拖网船改装的‘Sprary号‘过居无定所的生活开始的。自从约书亚.斯罗卡姆JOSHUA SLOCUM写了一本叫《独自航海环游世界Sailing Alone Around the World,根据约书亚.斯罗卡姆JOSHUA SLOCUM改造’Spray’号的记录和后续的历险激励了成前上万的人用自己的船环球巡航。

In 1962 a Brisbane yachtsman affectionately known locally as ‘Shotgun’Spen- cer presented me with a battered copy of Sailing alone around theworld . E H Spencer was a well-respected Brisbane businessman, who took hissailing very seriously; so seriously that during one important yacht race whenanother com- petitor did not obey the starboard rule, he showed his annoyanceby diving below and appearing on deck with his shotgun and firing both barrelsacross the bows of the offending yacht. ‘Shotgun’ Spencer had certainly earnedhis name. Barred from taking part in future races, he was something of a localhero to the younger yachting fraternity.

1962年,一个在自布里斯班Brisbane被当地称为‘火枪斯潘塞’的帆船选手给了我一本破旧的《独自航海环游世界Sailing Alone Around the World》。E H斯潘赛曾经是为受尊敬的布里斯班商人,对航海非常的严肃。严肃到在一次非常重要的帆船比赛中,当一个竞争者没有遵守右舷避让规则,他潜游下水来到对方的甲板,用随身带的猎枪两发击穿冒犯帆船的船艏,来表达他的不满。‘火枪斯潘塞’由此得名。虽然被禁止参加以后的比赛,但他却成为当地年轻帆船爱好者心目中的英雄。

The stories of Joshua Slocum and his sloop Spray are standard reading forany cruising yachtsman, and his book, makes fine reading. Over the past eightyor so years, Sailing- Alone-Around-The-World has been the inspiration for manyof those who go to sea in small boats.

约书亚.斯罗卡姆JOSHUA SLOCUM的故事和他的单桅Spray是任何巡航帆船船员的必读书籍,他的书通俗易懂。在过去的80多年来,《独自航海环游世界Sailing Alone Around the World》激励了很多用小船航海的人。

John Haskins, a Spray enthusiast approached our design office and as askedif we could prepare plans for building a replica Spray in fiberglass. John hadalready built a perfectly executed scale model of the boat and had incorporatedsome small modifications that he felt would update and improve the vesselwithout losing the concept of the original design. By some lucky coincidencewhile we were considering John Haskins’s request, another yachtsman, CharlieJupp approached us with similar requirements. Charlie had just sailed an 8ftdraft [2.4m], narrow beam boat out from England to Australia. The experiencehad convinced him that a shoal draft sailboat was better suited to his needs.Charlie was already familiar with the Spray, and suggested that if our negotia-tions with John Haskins came to fruition he would also like to build a Sprayfor himself.

John Haskins,一位Spray号的爱好者来到我们的设计室并且问是否可以用玻璃纤维造Spray的复制版。John已经完美的按比例做了船的模型,并且加入一些小的改变来增强船的性能同时不失去原始设计的理念。非常巧合的是,当我们考虑John Haskins的要求时,另一个帆船船员Charlie Jupp向我们提出类似的要求。Charlie最近刚驾驶一个8英尺(2.4m)吃水的窄舷船从英格兰来到澳大利亚。这次经历让他确信一艘浅吃水的海船更加适合他的需要。Charlie已经非常熟悉Spray,并且建议如果我们与Jonh Haskins的协商可以实现,他也要造一艘Spray.

Atabout this time, we were fortunate in securing a copy of Ken Slack’s book Inthe Wake of the Spray, which provided a wealth of information for ourproject. Ken, an Australian, had included details not only of the originalSpray, but had researched the twenty or so replicas or copies that had beenbuilt since 1902. For those not already familiar with Joshua Slocum’s Spray,perhaps this is a good time to recap some of the exploits of this fineboat, and to lay to rest some misconceptions and half truths that havepersisted about her over the past 90 years.

在这个时候,我们非常幸运搞到了Ken Slack的书《In the Wake of the Spray 唤醒Spray》,该书为我们的项目提供了大量有价值的信息。Ken,澳大利亚人,不但包括了原始Spray的详细资料,并且研究了20艘自1902年以来改造或复制船。对于那些还不是很了解约书亚.斯罗卡姆JOSHUA SLOCUMSpray,或许这是个回顾并发现这艘好船的好机会,同时消除过去90年关于她同时存在的误解和半真半假的事实。

历史 帆译:巡航船的历史 97374562cb97fe4037.png

Thisrare photograph shows SPRAY off Sydney with Joshua Slocum and Sydney businessman Mark Foy. They are trying out the new set of sails that Foy had presentedto Slocum. Photo courtesy Dr Kenneth E Slack.

这个珍贵的照片显示在悉尼附近的SPRAY,约书亚.斯罗卡姆JOSHUA SLOCUM 和悉尼商人Mark Foy. 他们在把Fory给斯罗卡姆Slocum的新帆安装上去。照片由Kenneth E Slack医生提供。


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