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 苏州中心•城际内湖杯2015金鸡湖帆船赛成人组竞赛通知 90cb44f4db13b96728ae06ab066da3d3.png

1          规则 Rules1.1        比赛遵循国际帆联2013-2016年国际帆船竞赛规则(RRS)所界定的帆船竞赛规则。Thecompetition rules will be according to the rules of 2013-2016 InternationalYacht Match.
1.2        国家/地区管理机构的规定不适用本次比赛。The competition rules that are written bycountries or local organizations are inapplicable for this competition.
1.3        本届赛事竞赛通知和竞赛细则及其之后的更改权利由组委会保留。Theorganizing committee reserves all the rights including the changes ofcompetition announcements and details.
1.4        因规则语言版本引起的争议,则以中文版本内容为主。Ifthere are any conflicts to the competition rules due to the different editionsof languages, always keep the Chinese edition as your consideration.

2          广告 Advertising
2.1        组委会将按照国际帆联(ISAF)章程 20 条的规定在参赛船船体及帆面上张贴由组委会选定和提供的广告。参赛队不得在赛船上展示其它广告内容,除非事先得到组委会书面确认。Accordingto rule number 20 of International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the surfaces ofboasts can only be advertised with the advertisements that are chose andprovided by organizing committee. The competition teams are not allowed to showany other advertisements that are not chose or provided by organizingcommittee, unless the competition teams have already got the documentaryapprovals from organizing committee in advance.

3          资格和报名 Qualifications andRegistration
3.1        比赛对本地和国际水手(船队)开放,参赛者可以是国家队,城市队,俱乐部或船东,并以俱乐部或帆船队为单位报名参赛。Thiscompetition is open to local and international sailors (teams), competitors canbe national teams, local teams, club teams or boats owners, and register as a clubor a sailing team.
3.2        报名参加比赛的赛队每队可报队员最多5名。Eachregistered competition team can have five members at the most.
3.3        报名时间为:即日起-2015年10月25日,组委会接收报名赛队数量为30支(欢迎赛队自带同级别帆船参赛)。Registrationdate: Today-October 25th, 2015. Organizing committee will accept 30competition teams (feel free to bring the same level sailing teams to thiscompetition).
3.4        比赛时每条船任何时刻必须保持不少于3名但不超过5名船员。上船参赛人员总重不得超过360Kg。各队在报名时需要如实提供各船员体重,组委会保留赛事期间检查队员体重的权利,如有超重将取消当轮次比赛成绩。另外组委会有权利根据情况统一给各队的赛船上派遣经过配重调平的第六人作为随队摄影师。Duringthe competition, at least three and at most five sailors in each boat at anytime. The total weights of all the sailors in each boat need to be no more than360Kg. Each team needs to provide every sailor’s actual body weights atregistration, and the organizing committee has the rights to check sailors’body weights during the competition, the newest competition scores will be canceledif the weights surpass the requirement. In addition, the organizing committeehas the rights to dispatch a photographer to each boat.
3.5        各参赛队请于2015年10月25日之前将报名表、船长照片及介绍、船队成员合影及300字左右的赛队文字介绍发邮件给组委会。Allthe competition teams need to email organizing committee the application form,photo and introduction of captain, photo of sailors, and a 300 word textdescription of each team before October 25th, 2015.
3.6        各参赛队以完成报名费支付和收到赛事组委会的确认邮件或传真后,才能确认已完成报名参赛。Each competition team will not be able toconfirm the completion of registration, until each team finish payingregistration fees and receive the email of confirmation or fax that organizingcommittee will send to you.
3.7        完成报名的参赛队伍即可获得抽签资格,抽签方式另行通知。To the competition teams who complete theregistration will be qualified to draw. The ways to draw will be informedlater.
3.8        所有参加本次比赛的运动员须同意主办机构及其赞助商根据需要在赛事期间及之后制作、使用和展示平面及各类多媒体制品(包括直播、录播和电视电影等)时无偿使用其姓名、肖像和其他资料。All athletes participating in this competition will automatically agree with organizers productions, and all kinds of multimediaproductions (including live and recorded television movies, etc.)

4          比赛项目 Competition Events
4.1        比赛的项目与级别如下:Competition events and levels:
4.1.1   此次比赛采用场地赛、绕岛赛等竞赛模式,设立小飞虎公开组和J80专业组统一设计级龙骨帆船比赛级别,预计参赛队伍为25-30支。根据参赛队伍报名情况,赛事组委会保留修改参赛队伍数量或增加赛事级别的权利。另外组委会还将设立开放的多体帆船级别友谊赛,允许选手自带双体或三体帆船参赛。The competition will have the track race and around the island race, choose Flying tiger boat for Open-Level & J80 keel boat forPro-level as unified boat design, 25-30 participating teams are expectedfor attendance. According to the registration teams, the organizing committee reserves the rightto increase the number of participating teams or increasing the competitionlevel. In addition, the committee will open multi-body-boatsailing friendly, allowing players to bring their own catamaran or trimaran forcompetition.
4.2        公开组不接受队员为在役或退役职业帆船运动员。Open-Level can not accept in-service orretired professional athletes.
4.3        有关“J80”龙骨帆船的介绍,请查阅网页:For more informationof “J80”, please visit website below:http://www.jboats.com/j80/j80dimensions.htm
4.4        有关“小飞虎”龙骨帆船的介绍,请查阅网页:For more information of “flying tiger boat”, please visit  website below:http://flyingtigerboats.com

5.费用 Fees
5.1        参赛队报名费为5800 元人民币(包括船只使用费、11.5-8日三晚三间住宿、参赛礼包*5人、赛事期间午餐餐饮*5人、欢迎晚宴及颁奖晚宴*5人、保险费等)。经过组委确认获得参赛资格的队伍,最迟需于2015年10月30日前将报名费汇入组委会指定账户(如果不能按时交纳报名费的赛队将会自动失去参赛资格);若参赛队在10月30日(含)前因故退出,则报名费将被退还;若参赛队在10月30日之后提出退赛,则赛事组委会将不会退还赛队报名费。The entry fee for J80 Class is 3000 RMB(includes: boat utilization, entry packs*5people, lunch during competition*5people, welcome & awards dinner*5 people, insurance, etc.)To those qualifiedteams that confirmed by committee, the latest date to pay the entry fee to abank account that specified by committee is October 30th, 2015 ( theteam will lose competition qualification automatically if fees are not paid ontime); if the team inform the committee to quit the competition due to someproblems before/on October 30th, entry fees will be returned;however, if the team inform the committee to quit after October 30th,then the entry fees will not be returned.
5.2        多体帆船级别友谊赛组赛队报名费为1000元人民币(包括参赛礼包*2人、赛事期间午餐餐饮*2人、欢迎晚宴*2人、保险费等)。The entry fees formulti-body-boat level sailing friendly is 1000 RMB (includes: entrypacks*2people, lunch during competition*2 people, welcome & awards dinner*2people, insurance, etc.)
5.3        各队报到时需缴纳器材使用押金3000元(必须人民币现金或等额外币现金支付),赛事期间如未发生事故,赛后20日内费用清退。Each team is required to pay a 3000 RMB deposit when utilizing the equipments to (ithas to be paid in RMB cash or theequivalent amount of cash in foreign currency), if noaccident occurred during the competition, the deposit will bereturned within 20 days after thecompetition.
5.4        参赛器材为组委会统一提供的J80帆船和小飞虎帆船,赛队可在11月5日起领取比赛器材和试航。如需提前抵达并租赁船只训练,可联系组委会在11月5日前安排相应的赛前训练,船只使用租金是1500元/船/天。The organizingcommittee will provide J80 & Flying tiger boat as unified competitionequipments, each team can start to get the equipments and start the trials on November5th. If you are planning to be arrived, rent the boat and starttrials before November 5th, you can contact organizing committee andrequire them to make arrangement for trials before November 5th. Therent for boat is 1500 RMB/boat/day.

6          公开组预赛和决赛 Preliminariesand finals
6.1        组委会将对全部20只报名船队进行分组抽签,公开组船队将被分为A、B两组。抽签完成后,各赛队不得以此作为抗议的理由。The Open-Level total 20 teams will bedivided into group A and B by draw. After draw, each team will not be allowedto have any objections to draw.
6.2        通过预赛决出每组的名次,每组的第1至5名分入金组,剩余队伍进入银组。The ranking of each group will bedecided through preliminaries, the top one to top five of each group will beselected into gold group, the remaining teams will go to silver group.
6.3        银组通过决赛,角逐银组冠、亚、季军。The silver group goes to finals to competefor the winner of silver group.
6.4        金组队伍通过决赛,角逐金组冠、亚、季军、同时冠军颁发公开组赛事流动冠军杯。The gold group goes to finals to competefor the winner 2015 Lake Cup Regatta of Open-Level.

7          专业组预赛和决赛 Preliminariesand finals
7.1        组委会将对全部报名船队进行分组抽签,专业组船队将被分为A、B两组。抽签完成后,各赛队不得以此作为抗议的理由。The Pro-Level total 10teams will bedivided into group A and B by draw. After draw, each team will not be allowedto have any objections to draw.
7.2        通过预赛决出每组的名次,每组的第1名直接进入决赛,剩余队伍中第4至第5名进入复活赛1, 剩余队伍中第2至第3名进入复活赛2。The ranking of each group will bedecided through preliminaries, the top one of each group will be selected intofinals, the No.4 and No.5 of each group will go to resurrection competition-1,the No.2 and No.3 of each group will go to resurrection competition-2.
7.3        通过复活赛1,排名第一的队伍进入复活赛2。The top 1 teams of resurrectioncompetition-1 will go to resurrection competition-2.
7.4        通过复活赛2,排名前3位的队伍进入决赛。The top 3 teams of resurrectioncompetition-2 will go to finals.
7.5        通过决赛,角逐专业组冠、亚、季军,同时冠军颁发专业组赛事流动冠军杯。The five teams goes to finals to competefor the winner of the 2015 Lake Cup Regatta of Pro-Level.  

8          日程安排 Schedules
8.1        2015 年11月5日8点-15点之间,各队至组委会报到。2015-11-5 8:00-15:00, Each team check in at organizing committee.
8.2        报到时参赛队需要完成如下事项:The things need to be done when checkingin:
8.2.1   交付器材使用押金3000元。Pay 3000 RMB deposit of renting equipments.
8.2.2   到码头领用并试航各自的赛船(提前预约时间段)。Get equipments at dock and start trials(make an appointment in advance)

 苏州中心•城际内湖杯2015金鸡湖帆船赛成人组竞赛通知 e5aa47905d96464bbd0d0cf6ada78de3.png

9          丈量 Measure

各参赛队伍不得随意更换、变动组委会提供的统一设计组别器材的任何部件;如有自带器材参赛或需更换损坏的器材,须向竞赛委员会提出书面申请,将自带器材或损坏的器材和待更换的新器材交给丈量委员会检查并获得同意后方可使用或更换。仲裁委员会可以对这样的器材更换给予最终意见。Eachteam are not allowed to change any parts of the equipments that will beprovided by organizing committee; if you bring your own equipments for thecompetition or need to change any broken parts of the equipments, pleasecontact the organizing committee and provide the documentary application, andtake your own equipments or broken equipments and the new equipments that needto be changed to measurement committee for checking, you can only utilize yourown equipment or change the broken equipments after get the agreement frommeasurement committee. Also, the arbitration committee will be able to give yousome advices on changing equipments

10       航行细则 Sailing details
各个赛队在完成现场报名后,将获得由组委会提供的竞赛航行细则。After check in, each team will get the sailing details that willbe provided by organizing committee. 11      场地 Location比赛区域是金鸡湖水域。Thecompetition location will be at Jinji Lake.

 苏州中心•城际内湖杯2015金鸡湖帆船赛成人组竞赛通知 f371953990f72fc103fc6764b66a4bac.jpg

12      惩罚办法 Penalties
规则 44.1 更改为将转动两圈惩罚变成一圈。Rule 44.1 will be changed to sail two circles to one circle.

13       计分 Scoring
13.1     采用帆船竞赛规则附录A之低分计分法。The Low Point System is adopted, look upappendix A.
13.2     预赛至少完成1轮成绩才能有效,如果完成6轮(含)以上则去掉一轮最差分数。The scores will only be valid when finishat least one race in preliminaries; if finish five or more than six races, thenthe lowest score will be eliminated.
13.3     预赛成绩不带入决赛,决赛完成5轮(含)以上则去掉一轮最差分数,决赛如不能正常进行,将参照预赛成绩。The scores of preliminaries will not beadded into finals, if finish five or more than five races in finals, then thelowest score will be eliminated. If the finals cannot be continued, then thepreliminaries scores will be considered.

14       工作艇 Working Boat
各工作艇、媒体船等辅助艇在第一轮比赛的预告信号发出之后直至所有船只都冲过终点之前的时间里,或者竞委会在发出全召或者放弃信号之前,必须避开比赛区域。All the working boats, mediaboats and other auxiliary boats must avoid the racing area, after the warning signal has made in the first round until all boats havecrossed the finish line, or before thecompetition committee recall or abandon the signal.

15       泊船 Parking
参赛船只必须在组委会指定的位置停靠或锚泊。Allthe boats must be parking at required spots.

16       吊船限制 The limitation
在赛事期间需事先得到竞赛委员会书面许可方能将船吊离水面。Youcan only get your boat out of water after getting the documentary permissionfrom competition committee.

17       潜水装备与塑料浮圈 Divingequipments and life buoys
从第一场比赛的预告信号开始直到整个赛事结束期间,不允许在船周围使用潜水呼吸器与塑料浮圈或类似装备。From the warning signal of the first round race tillthe end of the competition, diving equipments and life buoys or any othersimilar equipments are not allowed to be used near boats.

18       无线电通讯和器材要求 Telecommunicationand equipments requirements
比赛期间,每个队伍需自带手持海事通讯电台。各赛队需要全程守听竞赛委员会官方频道VHF72,备用频道VHF77。除非遇到紧急状况或竞赛细则允许的前提下,各参赛队禁止使用无线电通讯设备对外进行联系(此限制也适用于移动电话)。Duringthe competition, each team needs to bring your own telecommunication equipmentsand listen to competition committee’s official channel VHF72, and additionalchannel VHF77. All the competition teams are not allowed to usetelecommunication to contact the people who are outside of the competitionunless when emergency occurs or competition details allow.(this limitationincludes mobile phones)

19      奖项设置 Award
19.1     本次比赛将根据不同组别设置奖项:Theawards will be differed based on different levels:
 苏州中心•城际内湖杯2015金鸡湖帆船赛成人组竞赛通知 03ed4308af585ebb6bb19e5dc3b8a0a4.jpg
19.2     所有参赛人员将获得大赛组委会准备的水手礼包一份。大赛奖杯、奖金和荣誉证书将在11月8日颁奖仪式上颁发。Allthe athletes will receive the sailor pack that will be provided by organizing committee.Trophies, bonuses and certifications will be awarded on November 8thafternoon.19.3     赛事奖金由获奖方自理个税。The people who get the bonus areresponsible for personal tax.

20       安全  Safety
当比赛开始前,赛事指挥船上升起Y旗后,所有参赛选手在水上时必须穿戴救生衣,否则其所在赛队将被取消成绩;干式或湿式航海服不能被视作充分的个人救生设备。Beforecompetition starts, the command ship will raise Flag Y, all the athletes willhave to wear the life vests when on the water area, if not, then the scores ofthe whole team will be canceled; dried or wet sailing clothes will not be seenas life buoy equipments.

21       免责声明 Disclaimer of Liability
参赛选手须自己承担参赛的风险和责任。见规则RRS4-决定参赛。组委会不对赛事期间可能发生的任何人员伤亡,器材损坏和丢失负责。Allthe people who are attending the competition must be responsible for your ownand the risks during the competition. Look up rule RRS4. Organizing committeewill not be responsible to anyone’s injuries, equipments damages and lostduring the competition.

22       保险 Insurance
赛事组委会将根据情况决定是否为每个参赛队员提供人身意外险,每个参赛队员必须在报名时就提供正确的姓名和证件号码给组委会,否则组委会将不负责为其购买保险。Theorganizing committee will decide to whether provide athletes the insurance oflife casualty depends on the different situations, each member of sailing teammust provide organizing committee actual name and identification number, ifnot, the committee will not be responsible for his/her insurance.
组委会银行帐户信息及联系方式:The bank account  of organizing committee & contact information:银行信息:Bank account information:单位名称:苏州工业园区瑞安多媒体信息服务有限公司Corporation name: RedantMulti-media Information Service Co., Ltd. SIP.开户行:招商银行苏州园区支行(转账时请注明赛队名称)Bank: Suzhou SIP branch ofChina Merchant Bank (please note the name of the competition team when transferringmoney)帐号:512900035810201Account number:  512900035810201 报名咨询:Registrationconsultation:联系人Contact:Apple手机Phone:13402511096Email: apple.ho@sailingday.cn官网Website:http://www.sailingday.cn
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功能介绍 介绍城际内湖杯赛事详情,活动安排

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船长会议时间为11月5日下午15:00~18:00,地点为:工业园区旺墩路188号 金鸡湖新罗酒店 湖滨会议室;

各赛队请在船长会议前报到及缴纳赛事押金;欢迎晚宴暨开幕仪式时间为11月5日晚18:00~20:30,地点为: 金鸡湖新罗酒店 茉莉厅


赛事指定下榻酒店为:苏州工业园区李公堤一期水坊路36号星尚邻里 宜邦御湖酒店,各缴费赛队可直接入住,入住日期为11月5日~11月8日(退房),每队可入住三间三晚(2标1单),如需增加房间可自行预定或联络赛事组协调;

赛队指定联络人:AppleTel.13402511096  E-mail:6635885@qq.com

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