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[帆译作品] Review of "Marine Weather Right Now" App当前海洋天气’应用测评

发表于 2015-9-22 19:19 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

Review of"Marine Weather Right Now" App

Could Be Useful - But Is It Accurate?



"Marine Weather Right Now" app would seem perfectlydesigned for sailors and other boaters who need only aquick snapshot of air, wind, and water conditions before heading out. Unlike MarineCast, this free app doesn'toverwhelm you with data - it just tells you the marine conditions nearby toyour position as identified by your device.

But you may have seriousdoubts about the accuracy of this information from an unknown source.

Read on.

Version reviewed: 1.13for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - free
Not available for Android at this time





What ItDoes

Once you've allowed theapp to use your present location, assuming you have connectivity, it locates anearby "marine" and provides a set of the following information:


  • Swell height, direction, and period
  • Air temperature and pressure
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Cloud cover, visibility, humidity
  • Water temperature

You can also see thenearest "marine" located on a Google map and your own location.


Since the app's name is"Marine Weather Right Now," you naturally assume you're looking atpresent conditions. But this app seems to have serious issues regarding when -and where - those conditions are, as noted below.



The two big issues here are when and where are the conditions youobserve on the data screen.


While you might assumethese conditions are now, check the date and time at the top of the screen. Onmy device, at least, the right date comes up, but the time always starts at0000.


In most circumstancesthat means midnight, or 00:00 hours in military time. So are the conditionsshown for now or for the start of this date? More confusing, you can tap thetime and then set the time to any 3-hour interval in the 2400 military clock. Andwhen you set it to the present time, say 1500 if it is now 3 PM, the conditionsshown on the data screen change. So does that mean that when I first turned iton, the weather "right now" was actually last night midnight? Andwhen I scroll the time ahead to the real now and the conditions change, has theapp actually gone back to the weather source site to update the data - or is itall working off an hour-by-hour forecast for the day? After all, if I set thetime ahead to tonight, it still gives me new data - which means it does seem toforecast. So can I trust the "right now" bit at all?


More unknown is thesource of the data. In my own location in the U.S. I can access online weatherand marine conditions from the National Weather Service, several well-known commercialweather sites, and NOAA automated marine buoy reports. I checked all of thesein an effort to determine what data source was being used in this app - andnone of these weather data sources agreed very perfectly with the data the appwas showing me. (To be fair, they don't agree very perfectly with each othereither.) So can I trust the data I'm seeing? Especially if I don't know whetherit is actually being measured right now or is based on an earlier forecast thatmight now have come true?


The map location of theso-called "marine" identified by the app as the weather source is nohelp in my case. It pinpoints a residential neighborhood nearby that is closebut not on the water. I have no idea what this means.



The questions aboveillustrate well the importance of knowing the source and trustworthiness ofdata from any app you're using for boating. This could be a matter of safety,more than just a convenience. While these issues remain, I would recommend notusing the "Marine Weather Right Now" app.


If MarineCast has too much information for your tastes, check out the freeversion of Marine Weather for both Apple and Android devices, which also includes tides,radar, and more, or try Wind NOAA for a quick view of just the current wind conditions. Fornavigation and other kinds of sailing apps, check out these best apps for sailing.

如果MarineCast应用提供太多信息,可以试试苹果和安卓的免费版Marine Weather,它也包括浪高,雷达等,或者试试Wind NOAA获得当前风况的快速浏览。对于导航和其他航海应用,检查最佳航海应用。

Note: Iwrote the app developer with these questions and learned that the weather datasource is an entity called World Weather Online, easily found online, thatclaims to produce its own weather and forecast models. I was unable todetermine the source of their data on ocean swells and so on but continue tonote their data for my own area is not consistent with NOAA buoy data, which Ihave come to trust. The app developer did not clarify the issue of whether the"right now" conditions shown by the app are actually observed conditionsor forecast by a model.

备注:我把上面的问题发给了该应用开发者,并了解到气候数据来源为World Weather Online,很容易在线找到,它声称自己产生它的天气和预报模型。我无法确定他们海洋浪涌的数据来源和其他数据,但持续注意到他们关于我附近区域的数据和NOAA数据不一致,后者更让我信任。该app 开发者没有澄清应用上显示的‘当前’情况是实际观测的,还是由模型预测的。

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