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[赛事报道] 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again!

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      2016年BSC航海季最后一场会员赛,不容错过!就在10月15日-16日(本周末)The very last chance to sign in for a sailing regatta during 2016 sailing season at BSC. Don't miss it on this weekend.查看全年会员赛赛历新鲜出炉 Mark your Members Regatta Calendar 比赛日期不会忘~
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 421a6bf7e79b13edd19ec334d6db0ef3.jpg 比赛项目和资格ELEGIBILITY
此次比赛采用场地航线赛竞赛模式。设立:1.TOPPER统一设计级稳向板帆船比赛级别,预计参赛船只为14艘。报满为止,不再追加。单一组别船型报名不足6条,取消该组别比赛。已经报名的运动员可以选择并入其他组别或者退赛。This race is taken the venue route as competing modeBoat Class:14 Toppers. When the 14 boats are fully registered, no more boats will be added to the regatta.When fewer than 6 boats in one class, the race will be cancelled. Participants who already registered can be in another boat type team or withdraw.
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 2e9b086a073e87b7a420185bda00632f.jpg
资格和报名QUALIFICATION&SING-IN比赛对本地和国际水手开放,参赛者必须是北京航海中心会员,或者收到北京航海中心邀请的嘉宾,参赛者以个人为单位报名参赛。各参赛队员请于2016年10月14日之前报名,报名方式直接拉到文章最后。比赛时间为:2016年10月15日-10月16日。赛会接收报名总人数为14人。报名按照先后顺序,额满为止。各参赛队员以收到赛事组委会的确认后确认已完成报名参赛。所有参加本次比赛的运动员将自动同意主办机构及其赞助商根据需要在赛事期间及之后制作、使用和展示平面及各类多媒体制品(包括直播、录播和电视电影等)时无偿使用其姓名、肖像和其他资料。This regatta is open to entries from local and international sailors who represents individually. They must be members of Beijing Sailing Center, or guest that invited by BSC.The regatta will take place on Oct 15th & Oct 16th, and the registration deadline is Oct 14th(Friday), 2016, the total number of participants are 14. Entry to the regatta is done on a first come, first a served basis for each day of racing. Please give us the registration information(name, email, phone number). You can email to us(sailing@beijingsailing.com) or call us at 4001800107 or go to the bottom of the page to scan and pay online. The entry is completed once receiving the confirmation of the Race Office. All participants agree on the photos and videos that are taken during the race, and all materials will be used by Beijing Sailing Center for free.
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 445784913421e3c16a50b32bc9898bf2.jpg
2016 年10月15日 9:00-10:00 报到、器材抽签与分发10:00-10:15 赛前会议10:45-16:00 三轮场地赛10月16日9:00-9:15 赛前会议9:45-13:30 三轮场地赛The planned regatta schedule is as follows:Oct 15th, 20169:00 - 10:00 Sign up, equipment distribution10:00 - 10:15 briefing10:45 - 16:00 Three racesOct 16th, 20169:00 - 9:15 briefing9:45 - 13:30 Three races
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 2139ded61c1b570024013d95d0cf4dcd.jpg
费用Fees每条参赛船报名费200元, 器材租赁与服务费另计本次赛事各支参赛队员在参赛期间的住宿和餐饮自理。Event fee is 200RMB/person, with additional equipment chartering fee and service feeAccomodation and meals are not included.器材丈量MEASUREMENTS各参赛队伍不得随意更换、变动组委会提供的统一设计组别器材的任何部件;如有自带器材参赛或需更换损坏的器材,须向竞赛委员会提出书面申请,将自带器材或损坏的器材和待更换的新器材交给丈量委员会检查并获得同意后方可使用或更换。仲裁委员会可以对这样的器材更换给予最终意见。
It is not allowed to change any parts of the equipment BSC provided. If participants bring their own equipment or to change any parts of the equipment, he/she needs to file a written application to the Race Committee. 航行细则SAILING INSTRUCTIONS 各个赛队在完成现场报名后,将获得由组委会提供的竞赛航行细则。
The sailing instructions will be available prior to the regatta. 场地Venue比赛区域是秦皇岛北戴河蔚蓝海岸海域。
比赛水域的示意图:The regatta will be held at BSC Blue Coast Sailing Club, Beidaihe.
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 3aa4adb788abc83affbc8479096a3a34.jpg
惩罚办法PENALTY SYSTEM规则 44.1 更改为将转动两圈惩罚变成一圈。
仲裁委员会的裁决为最终裁决。Rule 44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.Decisions of the Protest Committee and its proxies will be final.计分SCORING采用帆船竞赛规则附录A之低分计分法比赛必须完成至少三轮比赛,成绩才能有效。如果比赛少于五轮,则其所有完成的竞赛轮成绩的总和就是比赛总成绩。如果比赛为5轮或者超过5轮,则其成绩就是在扣除其最差一轮成绩后的其它剩余轮次成绩总和。The Low Score Method will be used in this race.A minimum of 3 races are required to be completed to constitute a series warranting overall prizes. When fewer than 5 races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores. When 5 or more  races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 4006004f6040edd08f320849efb56630.jpg
工作艇SUPPORT BOATS  各工作艇、媒体船等辅助艇在第一轮比赛的预告信号发出之后直至所有船只都冲过终点之前的时间里,或者竞委会在发出全召或者放弃信号之前,必须避开比赛区域。
Accredited journalists, photographers or cameramen who are registered as official media may join and/or leave a boat at any time and by any means so long as their doing so does not directly affect another competitor and they play no part in the racing of the boat.
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 034fe9fe36a9ea59e4415faf71cd7bfc.jpg
Race boats will be anchored at specific area appointed by Committee. 无线电通讯VHF COMMUNICATION比赛期间,除非遇到紧急状况或竞赛细则允许的前提下,各参赛队禁止使用无线电通讯设备对外进行联系(此限制也适用于移动电话)。During the competition, unless encountering emergency situation or approved by the Sailing Instructions, VHF and mobile phones are forbidden.奖励PRIZES 比赛总成绩取前三名,均颁发BSC奖杯。
The Regatta prizes will be awarded to the first three positions in the overall series scores for each class.
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 89bce72b911052d155d3cf3efa5347c8.jpg
Bouyancy Aids must be worn at all times whilst on the water; Failure to wear it may result in penalty or disqualification. Drysuit or wetsuit is not considered as lifesaving appliances.免责声明DISCAIMER OF LIABILITY 参赛选手须自己承担参赛的风险和责任。见规则RRS4-决定参赛。组委会不对赛事期间可能发生的任何人员伤亡,器材损坏和丢失负责。
Competitors compete in the regatta are entirely at their own risk. See rule RRS4, Decision to Race.Beijing Sailing Center will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.航海中心免费提供物品We offer these for free:盔 Helmet救生衣 Buoyancy Aid小艇靴 Sailing Boots防风衣和湿式保暖服(水温或气温较低时需要) Spray Top & Wetsuit( needed when low temperature or low water temperature)

 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! ad462c29e0bbf840bfc2bf0c5db23091.jpg
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! b8340dc721713d56ea29d5ee23c54426.jpg
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! 919f21a177dae6161fe17dbb2791b724.jpg
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! eba9111e052c24cc9102ac85ad843b38.jpg
基地位置Base Location北京航海中心的航海基地设在北戴河华贸蔚蓝海岸航海俱乐部。Our base is at Huamao Azure Beach Sailing Club, Beidaihe位于北戴河新区,隶属于河北省秦皇岛市。航海区域在渤海湾内,夏季风力在2-4级左右,非常适宜航海。每年5至10月,北戴河帆船中心阳光明媚,空气清新,水温适宜,非常适合水上运动。享受渤海湾的惬意海风,在海滩上休闲娱乐。Beidaihe New Area,at Qinhuangdao, Hebei ProvinceBohai Gulf, with a wind degree from 2 to 4 in summer, suitable for sailing.From May to October, with sunshine, fresh air, suitable water temperature, excellent for water sports
 十月会员赛报名通道已开启!BSC Member's Oct Regatta is coming again! c5b5ea8395f8973df279eb745eebfffd.jpg


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